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If you are suspecting termites at your place then give us a call immediately! Pest Control Applecross provide complete termite inspection services which ensure proper detection of termites. Moreover, our termite inspection Applecross experts provide services city-wide. Also, if you have termites then we will provide you with services for complete termite treatment as well. Wait no more, get these termites out of your property by detecting them as early as possible. Book our best termite inspectors Applecross experts today! Call 08 6109 8196.

We Provide Affordable, Hassle-Free Termite Treatments In Applecross 

Termites cause extensive damage to your property and if left undetected, they can cause millions of dollars of damage. Therefore, booking our affordable termite inspection will save millions of dollars! Moreover, our best termite inspection Applecross services have a transparent quote. Also, our termite treatment Applecross experts won’t charge you any extra single penny. Secondly, it doesn’t matter how much the infestation is, our services are always affordable for the residents of Applecross! Our termite treatment cost Applecross services are extremely cost-effective and can be easily booked 24×7! 

The Termite Inspection Process We Follow In Applecross 

Our termite inspection Applecross experts recommend a termite inspection and for that, we have a full procedure that is customised as per the infestation. Here are a full procedure that we follow 

  • We Do Termite Inspection In The Roof Void

Roof void is the major part of our termite inspection whenever we have access. Moreover, when there is enough crawling space, our termite pest control Applecross experts get the inspection done. Secondly, here we look for damaged wood or major signs of termite infestation which allows us to understand where the infestation is. 

  • Termite Inspection Inside A Building

Termite inspection inside the house involves checking the walls for mud tubes and hidden termites. Moreover, our termite inspection Applecross expert checks for stuck doors and windows. Secondly, we look for major wood damage inside the house, especially wooden furniture.

  • Termite Inspection In The Subfloor Of A Building

For subfloor areas, we do a proper inspection which involves inspecting the major signs of termite infestation. Moreover, our termite inspection Applecross experts need a standard crawling space to conduct the inspection. 

  • Termite Inspection Outside The Building

Our termite inspection Applecross experts do a thorough row inspection outside the house which involves checking the garden and the backyard. Moreover, our termite control Applecross exterminators check for any old wood where the termites can reside and can be the major source of infestation. 

Why are termite Inspections Crucial?

The importance of termite inspection is immense because detection of termites is crucial. Moreover, the earlier we detect the termites the less damage is to the property. Also, if the inspection is delayed then the number of termites increases rapidly.  Secondly, as termites feed on wood it keeps on damaging the whole property from inside and out. 

Having an annual termite inspection is crucial as suggested by our termite control Applecross experts. Having regular termite inspections reduced the risk of mass property damage. Moreover, having a termite inspection is a must for residents of Applecross as the environment is pretty suitable for termites to grow. Therefore, it is crucial to identify the signs of termite inspection to save your money from spending. Secondly, termite inspection helps you find potential threats that save you in the long run when it comes to spending money. 

Some Common Signs of Termite Activity 

When it comes to termite inspection our termite control Applecross team of experts look for Major signs of an infestation which are as follows 

  • Mud tubes are the most recognizable sign of termite infestation which is commonly seen on walls. 
  • Signs of wood damage are another sign of termite infestation.
  • Jammed or stuck wooden doors or windows are considered a sign of termite infestation. 
  • Termite mounds signify potential termite infestation on your property. 
  • Termite swarms are extremely common in warm and humid climates, particularly during the monsoon season. Also, any signs of swarms indicated a potential termites colony present on your property. 

Book Our Supreme Termite Pest Control Company in Applecross

When it comes to choosing the best termite inspection services in Applecross, we are hands down the best services for detecting termite infestation at your property. Here are some reasons to choose us.

  • Our termite inspection Applecross experts have years of experience when it comes to identifying major signs of termite infestation. 
  • Termite control Applecross exterminators are certified and licensed to perform termite inspection and extermination.
  • Termite inspection Applecross services are extremely affordable. 
  • Our quotes are transparent with no hidden cost.
  • We use the latest termite detection technology which is industry-level approved.
  • You can easily book termite inspection Applecross services 24×7, even on weekends.

Our Residential and Commercial Applewood Termite Control and Inspection Treatment Process 

If you think you are having termites on your residential and commercial properties, then worry no more! We cover hotels, hospitals, schools, colleges, restaurants, condos, apartments and real estate and detect termite activity for you.

  • Bait systems

Our termite inspection Applecross experts use a baiting system that involves having baiting stations. Moreover, it is used to detect termite activity and also helps in long-term prevention. Secondly, the baiting system contains timber which attracts termites to the station. This termite contains a non-toxic growth inhibitor which restricts the ability of the colony to develop.

  • Wood treatment

The wood treatment includes options to kill active termites. Moreover, this treatment is used for termites that are having an infestation outside the house. Secondly, spot wood treatment is used to directly kill active termites. Also, this is one of the cheapest methods used.

  • Soil treatment

Soil treatment includes perimeter soil treatment. Moreover, these treatments are used to prevent termite entry into the home and also to give protection against ongoing termite activity. Secondly, in our termite inspection, Applecross experts apply liquid termiticide to the exposed soil. Additionally, for hard surfaces, we inject chemicals through drilling holes.

Save Time And Money With Our Hassle-Free Termite Inspection and Treatment 

For fast and effective hassle-free termite treatment choose our termite control Applecross experts. Moreover, we use termite spraying techniques which include the use of termiticides to get rid of termites on your property. Also, we have proper licensing to place termite baiting stations and monitoring systems. Secondly, our termite inspection Applecross experts are skilled and have years of experience in dealing with a termite infestation. Also, our customers are always fully satisfied with our termite inspection services.


Are white ants and termites the same in behaviour? 

Yes. Termites are sometimes like white ants as well. Moreover, a termite is more accurate to say. Also, white ants treatment services are the same as termite treatment.

How can I prevent termites in Applecross?

You can get a termite inspection done every one year or six months. Moreover, this will reduce the chances of getting termite infestation as you will be able to track termites.

How quickly can termites infest my property?

Termites are quick to grow if they find the source of food and cause huge property damage over time. 

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