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Serious issues might arise for both you and your family members if you have fleas in your home. Your pet may get ill because of these insects. Fleas will aggravate your pet to a greater extent if you have one within your home. Fleas can make your cat ill by sucking blood from his skin. They must be removed as soon as you can. You will receive the greatest flea removal service in Applecross from Pest Control Applecross. Call 08 6109 8196 right away to schedule an appointment with the best flea control Applecross team since we are always on call.

How To Identify Fleas

Fleas are dark reddish-brown, tiny insects. They are flat bearing six legs and antennae. They have long legs. Lay oval-shaped, white and tiny eggs that can be difficult to see with naked eyes. 

  • Flea Bite Symptoms: They may include a little stinging sensation. The small creature would probably never be caught mid-bite since they hop around so much. Check thoroughly for fleas if you start to see tiny wee bumps on your pet. Bites from your dog and cat might occasionally result in allergic responses. Flea saliva can cause red, irritated skin areas and distressing welts.
  • Flea Physical Description: When you notice those small, black-looking pests leaping close to your feet from your pet fur, you’ve probably got a flea infestation. We will be at your service for flea treatment puppy & flea treatments for kittens.
  • Additional Information: A female can produce up to 2 thousand eggs in her lifetime and can go for more than a hundred days lacking blood. Feed on a range of hosts, such as people, dogs, various domesticated pets, and birds. unable to fly yet capable of short jumps.
  • Cat Flea: Adult measure around 1/8″ in length. Their bones were laterally flattened and range in hue from brown in colour to black. We provide you with efficient cat flea treatments. 
  • Dog Fleas– Dog fleas are tiny parasites that are normally between 0.1 and 2.5 millimetres long. They frequently have a brown or reddish-brown colour. Give us a call for dog fleas treatment.
  • Human Flea: The adolescents are laterally flattened and measure between 1.5 and 4 mm in length. They are wingless, dark brown in appearance, and feature piercing-sucking mouthparts that let them feast on the blood of their hosts.

How to Proceed If You Suspect You Have Fleas

You can’t really do much about fleas. However, the following advice should be followed to get rid of fleas quickly:

  1. On any floor tiles, upholstery, or mattresses, use a strong vacuum. Fleas, together with their troupe of eggs, larva, and cocoons, typically make suitable hiding spots in cracks and other small locations. If at all possible, use a vacuum cleaner with a container you can throw away without touching the contents.
  2. For carpets and rugs, including pet beds, use a steam cleaner. Fleas are sworn enemies at all phases of life, but intense heat and soap are their worst nightmare. Particular attention should be paid to any areas where your pet frequently rests or relaxes. Contact us for carpet flea treatment. 
  3. Wash everything in hot water with detergent, including your pet’s bedding. Use the maximum heat setting to dry it. If the problem is severe, think about throwing out your old bedding and beginning over.

Even after using all of the aforementioned advice, there is no guarantee that fleas won’t start to assault once more. Therefore, the best course of action is to utilize our flea treatment service in Applecross right now.

Our Flea Control & Removal Program

  • Thorough Inspection: Helps us comprehend the infestation’s territorial extent.
  • Habitat Modification/Physical Control And Removal: A procedure where reversing the environmental comfort of the fleas allows us to remove the infestation. 
  • Chemical Treatments: Finally chemicals are used to make your house flea-free for a long period.

We Provide Applecross With Same Day Flea Control & Removal Program.

Get in touch with us if you need someone to provide flea exterminator services in an emergency. In a short while, you may call on the services of our professionals. Our crew has received the best training possible to handle any circumstance. Our customers will receive a same-day flea control treatment from us. We are aware that you cannot afford to wait a long time to receive flea control services. You may rely on our experts to provide same-day flea control with successful results. We also provide cheap flea treatment for cats.

Choosing Flea Control Applecross Has Some Benefits

  • Concessionary Flea Control Services – Our flea control services are quite affordable. Everybody can afford all of our services. Even with inexpensive prices, you won’t experience any issues with service quality.
  • Versatile Flea Control Service – We provide a completely flexible flea control service. Call us whenever you’d like to reserve your slot. Our team is on duty around-the-clock to give you the best flea pest treatment.
  • Less Chemical Use – We don’t use too many chemicals to get rid of fleas. Our experts constantly prioritize safety, which is why we stay away from dangerous substances. Less chemical use will keep the environment safe for oneself as well.


Why is Flea Control Applecross service the only option?

There are several benefits to using our flea removal service. The greatest outcomes are delivered to you by our professionals. Your timetable can guide your slot booking.

Can people become sick from fleas?

Yes, they may also be problematic for some. Fleas can at any moment cause an allergic reaction if you already have one. You must keep your distance from them. They can also spread several illnesses to people.

Why do I require a flea control expert?

Many people attempt to get eliminate the fleas on their own but are unsuccessful. If you hire specialists, they will respond appropriately to the circumstance. They also have the right equipment for flea treatment for house. Experts in flea control have a wealth of knowledge.

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