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If moths are being a nuisance on your property then worry no more. Pest Control Applecross, provide a complete treatment for all kinds of moths in Applecross. Moreover, our moth control Applecross experts provide a safe and effective moth extermination treatment. Also, our moth pest control cost is extremely affordable with no hidden cost and a transparent quote. Secondly, we aim to control the moths and reduce their infestation in the future. To book our moth caterpillar control services, simply dial 08 6109 8196.

Major Signs Of Moth Infestation, Like Pantry And Cloth Moth

When it comes to a moth infestation, some common signs of infestation are listed below: 

  • Spotting live larvae or adult moth 
  • Moth eggs are another sign of infestation 
  • Holes on your clothes 
  • Both larvae in your food containers, especially flour
  • Presence of a spider-like web 
  • Visible damage on your carpet due to larvae feeding
  • Presence of frass which is a dust-like appearance

Are Moths Harmful To Humans? 

Moths cause damage to your belongings like clothes, carpets and rugs. Moreover, they contaminate the food. Secondly, despite their damage to household materials, they don’t spread any diseases. Also, they are incapable of biting as well which makes them less dangerous to humans. Therefore, we can say that moths do not harm humans as they are neither dangerous nor poisonous. Secondly, few species of moth cause pretty mild skin irritation. But some cause lepidopterists also known as caterpillar dermatitis. 

This happens when your skin touches the moth’s body, plus sometimes the hair of some moth larvae causes allergic reactions in some humans. These reactions are pretty painful and itchy as well. Mostly they are not aggressive creatures as they fly away when approached. But a few species are also known to sting and also some moths are poisonous when consumed. 

Our Moth Control Procedure That We Follow In Applecross 

When it comes to moth extermination, our experts follow a particular procedure,  which is as follows 

  • Inspection

When you book our moth control in-house services, our experts show up at your doorstep for a proper inspection. Moreover, this inspection includes identification of the moth species and also locating its nesting grounds. Once the species is identified and the level of infestation is figured out our experts carry out treatments like our pantry moth treatments, and carpet moth extermination as well. 

  • Treatment

Our treatment includes various extermination processes like carpet moth extermination. Moreover, our experts do cabbage moth control depending on the type of moth you got on your property. Our treatment includes spraying all areas with a non-toxic pesticide. Also, even being non-toxic these pesticides are pretty effective and deal with moths on one go.  Furthermore, we make customized treatments to deal with different levels of infestation. 

  • Prevention tip 

The pest control carpet moth exterminators give you good advice to keep the moths at bay for a long time. Moreover, our experts always give options to book follow-up services. Also, our winter moth control service helps preserve your carpets, clothing and blanket. 

 Why Are We Your Best Choice For Moth Extermination In Applecross? 

There are multiple reasons to choose us in Applecross, which are as follows 

  • Certified Moth Control Solutions

Our moth caterpillar control experts are certified and trained to carry out moth extermination services. Moreover, our experts have years of experience in dealing with different types of moth species. 

  • Done By Qualified Experts 

Qualified experts deal with all kinds of moth species with customised treatments which are meant to deal with different levels of moth infestation.

  • Take Short-Notice Appointments 

Now you can book our emergency moth control services and same-day moth extermination services in Applecross. Moreover, we show up at your doorstep on the same day as soon as you book our services, according to your convenience. 

  • Affordable Services

Our services are extremely affordable for the residents of Applecross. Also, our quotes are transparent with no hidden cost. 

  • Follow-Up Treatments, Upon Request

You can easily book our follow-up treatments to ensure no moth pest is left behind. Moreover, this will ensure there are no more larvae left to cause an infestation again. 

  • Local Team In  Applecross 

Our local moth control Applecross team provides excellent services for the residents of Applecross. Moreover, our local team ensures you get the best services in the suburbs of Applecross as well. 


Why are there moths in my house in Applecross

Moths are looking for a protein called keratin which is present in the wool and silk material. Moreover, human hair loss, fur and grains all have keratin. Therefore, female moths lay eggs close to the food source to ensure the proper growth of the larvae. 

Where are moths usually hiding in the house? 

You can find moths hiding in the dark and confined spaces like the basements and also the attics, closets and pantries.

What should I do before you start the treatment and after the treatment is over? 

You can make sure to clear the area if the infestation is confined to one particular place. Moreover, if your closet has been affected then make sure you remove all the clothes and wash them at a high temperature, this will ensure that the larvae are killed as they can’t survive at high temperatures. Moreover, if you don’t have the time to do all this, we suggest waiting for our exterminators to be there and exterminate all the moths and their larvae and eggs. 

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